Don’t Starve Strange New Powers July Update

New Character:

Woodie the Lumberjack

He’s a fun-loving Canadian who spends too much time in the woods. His axe talks to him, and he has a terrible curse also new special powers added for the unlockable characters.


New creatures:

  • Splumonkeys – Cave-dwelling monkeys that just want to cause you trouble. Nothing is safe from their pestering! Barrels spawn Splumonkeys.
  • Pengulls – Mostly harmless penguinoids who leap from the ocean in the winter to form rookeries. Be careful if you disrupt their migration!

New craftables:

Added a new tab for gem-based items, and added amulets and staffs for all of the existing colours. Watch this space for more mind-bending magic in future updates!

  • Red amulet – resurrects as before, but also converts hunger into health
  • Blue amulet – harness the power of cold!
  • Purple amulet – Dare to gaze upon the terrifying nightmare world.
  • Purple staff – Warp space and time with teleportation!

To see the download link just open the video in Youtube and read the Description.


Don’t Starve It’s Not A Rock Update Download Now!!!!

Don’t Starve (June 11, 2013) – It’s Not a Rock!

See the video and download now the full game and the update.

To see the download link just open the video in Youtube and read the Description.

New Things To Discover:

Peaceful rock lobster herds roam the gloomy depths.
Bunnymen turn into beardlords when your sanity is low.
Ever wonder what’s right below a tentacle? MORE TENTACLE!
The invasive Lureplant will taunt you with its delicious veggiemeat.
Eat exotic cave bananas!
Ferns! You can burn ’em!
More colourful mushtree varieties.
Stalagmites come in more varied shapes.

New Things to Craft and Use!

The vampiric BatBat.
The marginally useful Compass.

New Map Generation Features:

Gaze into the abyss in the caves!
Cave walls are prettier.
Cave layouts are… caveier.

Other Tuning and Fixes:

Time passes aboveground and belowground, independent of your current location.
You can regenerate a cave from its entrance (just for testing!)
Crops can grow underground, if you keep them lit.
Added a proper “Always dark” preset to levelgen.
Equippable items remember which slot they are from.
Snurtle Shell Armour will now cause enemies to lose interest in you if you hide for over 5 seconds.
Plantables can’t be planted on nonsensical ground types.
Added toggleable “notebook mode” and “small texture mode” options for lowspec machines.
Fixed some bad mip chains that were causing trouble for some graphics cards.
Fixed libegl crash that was happening for some old Intel cards.
Iceboxes can be place closer together.
Fixed pig torch crash.
Fixed spoilage stack exploit.

New Modding features:

New sample mods, “sampleprefab” and “samplecharacter”, which includes an art template for character skins.
Reworked the loading of textures and other assets so you no longer have to use package.path, LoadPrefabDefs, LoadPrefabs, or prefabs.xml
This does require the use of PrefabFiles and Assets in modmain.lua, see the sample mods for an example.
Can overwrite basically any asset just by putting it in the same relative path in a mod folder.
Lots of improvements to error reporting, and generally more helpful errors when something isn’t working.
Crafting menu tab spacing is now dynamic, so adding a new entry to RECIPETABS will automatically align the tab bar.
Container widgets can have a custom background image specified.
World gen scripts can now be overridden from a mod. Time to make some crazy places!
Mods now have access to luasockets on windows.

See the video and download the Full Game

Don’t Starve Underground Update (Caves)!!!!

Underground Update is now available!!!!




Cave can be found underneath a Plugged Sinkhole. Upon mining the plug, an open Sinkhole appears with a rope leading down into a new Cave. Each Cave is generated just like a new world.

Download the Underground Update

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New Characters Pack: Stickman And Ghost Caller

Add new characters in your game:




Can hide from the grue if nothing is equipped

Can walk through walls and solid objects

Ghost Caller



Creates friendly ghosts from graves and slain sentients
(pigs, walrus, merms, krampus, treeguards)
Does not lose sanity from digging up graves

Follow the instructions inside RAR file

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New Map Download: Slurtle Racing Map!!!!

Download the Slurtle Racing Map and explore the underground world of Slurtles.




Follow the instructions inside the RAR file

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Don’t Starve Download Link

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Updated!!! New Mods

Chester (Otto von Chesterfield, Esquire)


  •  Chester never sleeps, for that night time exploring!
  •  Chester lights the way at night with a spooky, flickering…ness.
  •  Chester takes no damage (though he may burn up, hehe).


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Starter Inventory


You know you get tired of recreating the standard items you’ve already created a hundred times every time you start a new game.
— give non-new characters standard starter inventory:
— Example inventory (varies):
— “axe”
— “pickaxe”
— “shovel”
— “spear”
— “torch”
— “flowerhat”
— “backpack_blueprint”



Wally, The New Robot Character!!!!


Wally is modification of the original WX-78 character.

You have to unlock WX-78 to be able play as Wally


Can eat spoiled food as usual
In darkness he glows like a torch but he will use inventory burnable items as fuel.
Resistant to winter, but as the temperature goes down his speed will dramatically decrease.



Don’t Starve Cheat Keys

With this Cheat you have the ability to:


  • Monsters
  • Uncraftable items
  • Food items

Toggles for:

  • God mode (invincibility)
  • Speed boost
  • Free crafting (unlocks and disables the crafting cost for all recipes)
  • Time scale boost (increase the rate at which time passes)
  • Rain

Allows you to teleport
Allows you to uncover the entire map
Allows you to skip to the next day or cycle
Allows you to skip to the next season
Allows you to delete items and entities
Allows you to change characters

How To Use:

  1. After loading into the game press the F1 or \ to open the Test Tools menu

Use the key bindings listed below:

  • F1 or \ = toggle menu
  • Ctrl + X = spawn item
  • Ctrl + T = spawn food
  • Shift + Z = spawn entity
  • Shift + R = spawn object
  • Ctrl + C = toggle free crafting (unlocks and disables the crafting cost for all recipes)
  • Ctrl + R = toggle speed boost
  • Ctrl + G = toggle god mode
  • Ctrl + V = toggle time scale increase (increase the rate at which time passes)
  • Shift + F = skip to next day
  • Shift+ G = skip to next phase (day, dusk, night)
  • Shift + C = change character
  • Ctrl + Z = skip to next season
  • Ctrl + I = toggle rain
  • Alt+ R = reveal map (see below)
  • Alt + T = hide map (see below)
  • Ctrl + Shift + Left Click = teleport to mouse cursor
  • Shift + [spawn key] = spawn item at mouse cursor
  • Shift + B = delete entity or object under mouse cursor
  • Ctrl + Right Click = save/bookmark players current location (only saved for the current session)
  • Shift + Right Click = teleport to bookmarked location

Photo Tutorial ( Maybe you have to skip Step1 and Step2 if you don’t have the testtoolcontroller.lua file)




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Unlocked Characters

Wilson portrait Willow portrait Wendy portrait Wolfgang portrait
Wilson Percival Higgsbury Willow Wendy Wolfgang
Grows a magnificent Beard. Immune to fire damage, starts fires in the dark. Has visitors at night. Higher health, Bigger stomach, Hits Harder.
WX-78 portrait Wickerbottom portrait Wes portrait Waxwell portrait
WX-78 Ms. Wickerbottom Wes Maxwell
Can eat spoiling food with no penalty. Gets a bonus tech level. Can’t talk. Has trouble staying alive. Is Dapper, Is frail, and brings his own sword.

Mod allows the player to select any character when starting a new map. In other words, all characters are unlocked.


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